FNF vs Twilight Sparkle

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Jump into the fun world of “Twilight Sparkle version FNF,” where you can enjoy a unique rhythm game experience. In story mode, you can challenge yourself with Twilight Sparkle mode (A Friendship Problem) available in two difficulty levels. Each level features catchy tunes and engaging rap battles that test your rhythm and reflexes.

For those looking for an extended experience, try the full version of FNF Pibbi Corrupted, which includes more characters and songs, expanding the fun and challenges.

Gameplay and Features

  • Story Mode: Play through Twilight Sparkle mode with two difficulty settings, each with its own unique soundtrack.
  • Freeplay Mode: Enjoy the track Dusk till Dawn and test your skills in a standalone rhythm challenge.
  • Extended Play: Explore FNF Pibbi Corrupted for more characters, songs, and extended gameplay.

Immerse yourself in the musical adventures and show off your rhythm skills in this captivating version of Friday Night Funkin’.

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