FNF’ Corruption Takeover

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Play Friday Night Funkin’ Corruption Takeover Mod, where you’ll encounter unique and crazy characters that add a thrilling twist to the classic FNF experience. Don’t get scared; stay focused and aim to win.

In Story mode, you’ll find Week 1 and Prologue modes, each featuring their set of music tracks and challenges. Engage in intense rhythm battles as you progress through the storyline, experiencing the full extent of the Corruption Takeover.

Freeplay mode offers additional tracks to keep you entertained and challenged. These tracks include Frostbite, Loaded, Unable, and One-shot. Each track presents its rhythm challenges, allowing you to test and improve your skills.

To play, use the arrow keys to match the rhythm and hit the notes as they appear on the screen. Navigate through the game menu and select options using the mouse. Dive into the Corruption Takeover Mod and enjoy the intense and exciting gameplay it offers.

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