Regular Friday Night (FNF vs Regular Show)

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Get ready to groove with “Friday Night Funkin’ Regular Show,” where you can challenge yourself with Erect and Hard modes, each featuring unique soundtracks. These modes test your rhythm and skills in high-energy rap battles. In addition to story mode, Freeplay mode offers an extensive track list including 3Xhilaration, Reckless, Unemployed, Supercharge, Temper-Break, Enemy-Breaker, Cookies, Overtime, Full-Fives, New-Management, Multiversal, and Summertime.

The Story

Welcome to the rap battle arena! As the new guy, you meet Rigby and Mordecai, who are eager to learn your rap skills. Though they rap often, they’re looking to improve and challenge you to show your best moves. The fun begins with each character taking turns in a dynamic and entertaining rap showdown. Are you ready to teach them and prove your rhythm?

Gameplay and Features

  • Erect and Hard Modes: Unique soundtracks and increased difficulty for a more intense experience.
  • Freeplay Mode Tracks: Enjoy a variety of songs with catchy beats and challenging rhythms.
  • Interactive Story: Engage with beloved characters from the Regular Show as you battle in rap duels.

Jump into the fun and test your rhythm in this exciting crossover game that combines the charm of Regular Show with the addictive gameplay of Friday Night Funkin’.

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