Friday Night Funking’ Untitled Goose

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The FNF Goose Mod game offers a unique twist on the standard Friday Night Funkin‘ gameplay by incorporating a whimsical goose theme. In this version, players can delve into the “Untitled Goose” mod within the Story mode, where the game revolves around lighthearted and mischievous challenges reminiscent of the popular “Untitled Goose Game.”

Additionally, the Freeplay mode in this game version introduces players to a collection of uniquely named musical tracks that enhance the goose-themed experience. These tracks include:

  • Untitled song: A baseline track that likely sets the tone for the goose antics.
  • Trouble Maker: A track that possibly features playful and cheeky rhythms.
  • Town Menace: This could involve tunes that evoke a sense of playful chaos typical of a goose disrupting a town.
  • Desktop: A possibly more modern or technological themed track, adding variety to the game’s soundtrack.

The primary antagonist in this mod is characterized as a stubborn rooster who refuses to yield his position. Players are tasked with defeating this obstinate rooster through musical battles, testing their rhythm and timing skills in a fun-filled competition.

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