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Dive into the thrilling world of “Friday Night Funkin’ vs Corrupted Pibby,” where rhythm and chaos collide. The story mode features four intense weeks, starting with Steven and culminating with Finn and Jake. In between, you’ll face two additional challenging modes, making for a total of four exciting weeks of gameplay.

In Freeplay mode, enjoy a wide variety of tracks including No Hero, You Cannot Save Them, Glitched Duo, Elastic Destruction, Lost Legend, Together Forever, Gummy Substances, Brotherly Bond, Corrupted Hero, Blue Balled, Gunshot, Last Spooktober, Overworked, Than Change, My Friends, Glitched Gem, and Save the Day. Each song offers unique beats and challenges that test your rhythm skills to the max.

Whether you’re battling in story mode or jamming in Freeplay, “Friday Night Funkin’ vs Corrupted Pibby” delivers an exhilarating experience packed with catchy tunes and dynamic gameplay.

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