FNF’ Murder Drones (vs Uzi)

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The “FNF Vs. Uzi: Murder Drones” modification is a preliminary version that includes a unique track, drawing inspiration from the “Murder Drone” animated series crafted by Liam Vickers and shared by GLITCH Productions. In this mod, participants are drawn into a chilling science fiction storyline where they encounter Uzi Doorman, a drone characterized by its intricate personality, who stands as Boyfriend’s opponent in the Mutation track. This modification allows players to delve into the captivating universe of the series through musical battles, accompanying Boyfriend as he engages in a rap duel with Uzi, a drone notable for its emotional depth and exceptional rhythmic skills. The challenge is set: Will Boyfriend manage to outshine this remarkable foe and claim victory? The brains behind this engaging mod is the redpanzee.

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