Friday Night Funkin’ CG5 Edition

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Dive into the world of FNF CG5 Edition Game, where the rhythm is your battleground. In Story Mode, immerse yourself solely in the CG5 Edition mode, tailored explicitly for this mod. Here, playing the music and mastering the arrow keys are your keys to success. For a broader adventure, the FNF All Weeks version awaits with an array of modes to conquer.

In Freeplay Mode, explore a variety of Mods, each offering its own unique challenge. Adjust the difficulty to your liking with just a flick of the left and right arrow keys, including:

  • Tutorial Remix
  • Gimme a break
  • Man of stilts
  • Knock knock

Whether you’re a seasoned rhythm gamer or new to the scene, there’s something for everyone in the FNF CG5 Edition Game. Get ready to hit the notes and embrace the music!

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