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Step into the high-tech world of Friday Night Funkin‘ with the FNF vs Hex Mod, where you face off against Hex, a robot known for its incredible speed and challenging gameplay. This mod introduces a unique “Hex Week” in Story Mode, where each song reflects the technological theme and pushes your rhythmic skills to the limit.

In Freeplay Mode, the game keeps the tech vibe going with a curated selection of songs that all boast tech-inspired names. You can groove to the beats of “Dunk” and test your timing against the rapid rhythms of “RAM.” Experience the quirky tones of “Hello World,” dive into the digital distortions of “Glitcher,” and enjoy the complex arrangements of “Encore.”

Though robots like Hex are typically faster and more precise than humans, making the challenge daunting, this mod invites you to try your hand and possibly outpace this mechanical maestro. It’s a perfect blend of music, technology, and intense gameplay that will appeal to both rhythm game enthusiasts and tech lovers alike.

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