Friday Night Funkin’ Indie Cross

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Step into the eclectic world of “FNF Indie Cross,” a vibrant version of the beloved Friday Night Funkin’ game that features an expanded Story Mode spread across three exhilarating weeks. Each week is themed with unique tracks that are sure to test your rhythm skills and keep you engaged.

  • Week 1: “Snake Eyes,” “Technicolor Tussle,” and “Knockout” – This trio of songs sets the stage with their energetic beats and challenging tempo, perfect for getting players hooked right from the start.
  • Week 2: “Whoopee,” “Sensational,” and “Final Stretch” – The difficulty and excitement continue to build in the second week with these tracks, each offering a unique musical style that ranges from playful and buoyant to intense and dramatic.
  • Week 3: “Imminent Demise,” “Terrible Sin,” “Last Reel,” and “Nightmare Run” – The climax of the Story Mode, Week 3 presents the most challenging and dark-toned tracks of the series, pushing players to their limits as they navigate through the intricate rhythms and haunting melodies.

“FNF Indie Cross” is a testament to the creativity and diversity of the Friday Night Funkin‘ universe, offering players a rich tapestry of sounds and experiences that culminate in a truly memorable musical adventure.

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