Friday Night Funkin’ Sunday Remastered

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FNF Sunday Remastered is an engaging mod where you can dive into the story and enjoy new tracks. In Story Mode, you’ll find the Sunday Valentine track week to play. Freeplay mode offers additional tracks, including Valentine, BI NB, Marx, and Madness, allowing you to explore more rhythm challenges.

The Story:

First Friend: … and then she went on and on about “historical materials”, then fell asleep on the sink! Second Friend: … WOW! Some housemates! First Friend: Be quiet, tho. She should be asleep right now. Second Friend: Asleep? At 4 PM? Yea, It’s weird. Anyway, you tryna watch Hamilton? Sunday hates it. Says it’s “glorifying slave owners”….

The story continues, and you can read more in-game to immerse yourself in the narrative.

To play, use the arrow keys to match the rhythm and hit the notes as they appear on the screen. Navigate through the game menu and select options using the mouse. Enjoy the unique story and tracks that FNF Sunday Remastered offers, and challenge yourself with its engaging gameplay.

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