Friday Night Funkin’ Wednesday’s Infidelity

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Info About FNF Wednesday Infidelity Online Game

FNF Wednesday Infidelity Game follows Minkey as he seeks new meaning in his life. The game features emotional and challenging rhythm battles.

In Story Mode, play Save the Depressed Mouse, Brick of Friendship, and Father I Crave Cheddar. Freeplay Mode offers tracks like Wistfulness, Dejection, Unknown Suffering, Last Day, Sunset, Hellhole, Versiculus Iratis, Carnival in Toyland, Spring March, Carvings, Hunger Pangs, Needle Mouse, Unknown Defeat, Too Slow, Battered, Accelerant, Vesania, Kariman’t, Untold Loneliness, and Leak Ma Balls.

Use arrow keys to match the rhythm and hit the notes. Navigate the game menu with the mouse. Enjoy the diverse tracks and rhythm challenges.

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