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Dive into the heart of Australia with the FNF: Bluey & Friends mod, an endearing homage to the cherished animated TV show, Bluey. This modification offers players a delightful musical journey, featuring the adventures of Bluey, Mackenzie, and Bingo, through a trio of rhythm-packed, vibrant tracks named “Smile,” “Bluey Can Can,” and “Bluey Squared.” Each song presents a fun yet challenging gameplay experience, where sharp focus and a keen sense of rhythm are key to mastering the melodies. Crafted by Tridashie with bbpanzu’s versatile expertise in artwork, animation, and music creation, this mod breathes life into the Friday Night Funkin’ universe. Chimmie’s contribution in music further enriches the mod, painting a lively and authentic homage to the series and inviting players into a world filled with color and song.

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