FNF’ vs Splatoon (Inkling Girl: One Shot)

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Play One Shot Version of the Friday Night Funkin’ Online Game

Dive into the rhythm of the FNF Splatoon One Shot mod, a thrilling extension to the Friday Night Funkin’ world that pits players in a musical duel with characters from the celebrated Splatoon series. Embodying the role of the iconic Boyfriend, participants engage in a dynamic and rhythmic clash against a paint gun-wielding Inkling. This mod offers a compact yet exhilarating musical piece that perfectly encapsulates Splatoon’s signature style and energy. As a vibrant homage to the beloved shooter game, it showcases vivid graphics and recognizable tunes. The creative efforts of Deltalyx in visual art, and DodZonedOut in musical composition, alongside Phantoskii’s charting expertise and Rofel’s programming, collectively craft an immersive and distinctive gaming encounter.

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