Friday Night Funkin’ vs Black Betrayal

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The Friday Night Funkin’ vs Black Betrayal Mod Version adds an intriguing twist to the classic game. Betrayal can be bitter, and it gets even worse when it’s black. What does that even mean? Just dive into this unique FNF mod and find out for yourself!

In Story mode, you can play in the ??? mode or Poluse mode, both available in Hard or Blackout difficulty. These modes offer challenging gameplay that will test your rhythm and skills.

Freeplay mode offers a variety of tracks, including Overboard, Betrayal, Defeat, Double-Trouble, Unhinged, Skinwalker, Report-Edd, Top-Ten-Sus, Reactor, and No-Impostors. Each track presents its challenges and will keep you engaged and entertained.

To play, use the arrow keys to match the rhythm and hit the notes as they appear on the screen. Navigate through the game menu and select options using the mouse. Get ready to face tough battles and enjoy the unique experience this mod has to offer.

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