Strategy Defense 2

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This game is a turn-based role-playing adventure where you control the main character in battles against enemies from the Doven Kingdom, such as Dogfire and Black Horse. You can choose to attack, wait, or heal during battles, making strategic decisions to overcome your foes.

As the game progresses, it evolves into a strategy-based experience. You spend gold to recruit troops and battle until the enemy castle is destroyed. If your castle falls, you lose the game. Over time, both you and your opponent gain new units, such as swordsmen and towers, as well as gold and special attacks. These elements refresh periodically, adding layers of strategy as you decide how to deploy your resources.

The story centers on John, who must save a captured general from the Black Horse’s forces. The Black Horse is attacking Doven, and it’s up to John to hunt down King Dark Anger and rescue the general. The game combines tactical battles with strategic resource management, creating a challenging and immersive experience.

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