FNF vs Sonic.Exe 3.0 and 4.10

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Dive into the merged 3rd and 4th versions of the Friday Night Funkin’ Sonic.Exe game with this special, albeit canceled, mod. Originally released as version 3 and progressively updated, it has now evolved into version 4.0. Despite the discontinuation of its development, the game still offers plenty of content. Note that some mods might be locked, and certain mission songs are incomplete in the Freeplay version.

In Story Mode, you can immerse yourself in challenging and engaging musical battles with tracks like “Too-Slow,” “You Can’t Run,” and “Triple Trouble.” These thematic songs add depth to the gameplay experience, enhancing the overall excitement.

Freeplay Mode is particularly expansive, featuring 45 playable options, each with unique music and themes. Some of the standout choices include “Burning,” “Shocker,” and the original “Endless,” along with others like “Milk,” “Cool Party,” and “Faker.” This mode allows for a diverse range of musical styles and challenges, ensuring that players always have something new to try.

From intense rhythms to engaging beats, each mode offers a variety of songs and experiences that will keep you entertained and tested. Whether you’re navigating the tricky melodies of “God Speed” or the fast-paced excitement of “Triple Trouble,” there’s plenty to enjoy in this version of the Friday Night Funkin’ game.

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