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The FNF Holiday Version Game is an exciting work-in-progress that brings seasonal cheer to the popular rhythm game Friday Night Funkin‘. In this special holiday edition, players can explore unique content designed to celebrate festive times of the year.

In the Story Mode, there are currently two specific mods available: Holiday 1 and Holiday 2. Each mod offers themed challenges that revolve around holiday festivities, providing a thematic gameplay experience that varies slightly with each mod to keep things interesting and engaging.

Additionally, the Freeplay mode of this holiday version includes a wider array of mods, each named to evoke a specific holiday spirit:

  • Holiday: Likely features general festive music and themes.
  • Deck: Could include songs with a decking-the-halls vibe, perfect for getting into the holiday spirit.
  • Santa: Expect tunes possibly inspired by jolly old Saint Nicholas himself.
  • Plus: This might offer an enhanced version of typical holiday songs or an extra challenge.
  • Holiday Classic: Traditional holiday tunes reimagined for the FNF gameplay style.
  • Feliz: A nod to Latin-themed Christmas music, possibly featuring vibrant and upbeat rhythms.
  • Hark: Perhaps a mod that includes hymnal or choir-like music, reflecting traditional carols.
  • You: This mod could be personalized or feature fan-favorite songs as requested by the community.
  • Demolition: Potentially a more intense music battle experience, contrasting with the typical joyous holiday music.
  • Zanta: A fun twist on Santa themes, possibly involving humorous or unconventional holiday tunes.

This diverse lineup allows players to immerse themselves in a variety of musical styles and challenges, making the Holiday Version a delightful seasonal treat in the rhythm gaming community.

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