FNF’ Sky Manifested

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Info About FNF’ Sky Manifested Online Game

Playing Friday Night Funkin’ Sky Manifested introduces an additional difficulty level called High, along with the regular three difficulties in Story mode. Freeplay mode offers a variety of FNF Mods to enjoy, including:

  • Wife Forever
  • Sky
  • Manifest
  • Phantasm
  • Exurggation
  • Sunshine
  • Light-Blue
  • Sez
  • Overfilled
  • Crack
  • Challeng-Edd

The Story:

Beep.. It worked!! The shift worked. Now we can be together forever, Boyfriend! Bop Beeop?

Immerse yourself in the engaging narrative and enjoy the unique tracks and challenges each mode offers. Use the arrow keys to match the rhythm, and hit the notes, and navigate the game menu with your mouse.

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