Friday Night Funkin’ vs Whitty

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Whitty is really hoping for a calm day without any confrontations, but he’s unlucky because he encounters a vibrant couple who constantly seeks to engage others in their energetic dance battles. This time, Whitty is determined not to just stand by; he plans to outperform them and put an end to their challenges.

The Story Unfolds:


—> Beep! Boop!

“Oh, it’s you two again.”

“Can you both just give me some space today? I’m trying to keep a low profile, and I don’t want anyone knowing I’m around.”

—> Bip… Boop… Beep..

“Look, I’m not in the mood for any trouble tonight. If you just leave now, we can all keep things cool.”

—> Beepo Beep Boop

With that, the stage is set, and the inevitable showdown begins.

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