FNF Bob & Bosip (Extended)

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The Bob and Bosip Expansion Updated version enriches your rhythm game experience with four captivating Story Modes and twelve dynamic Freeplay Modes. Immerse yourself in the rhythm and revel in the fun.

In Story Mode, choose from:

  • Tutorial
  • Week Bob & Bosip
  • Week in the Background
  • Bob Takeover

Freeplay Mode offers a diverse set of challenges:

  • Tutorial
  • Jump-in
  • Swing
  • Split
  • Oblique Fracture
  • Groovy Brass
  • Conscience
  • Yap Squad
  • Intertwined
  • Copy-Cat
  • Jump-out
  • Ronald McDonald

Note that these modes are exclusively available in Hard Mode. Selecting Easy or Normal will intriguingly shift your game to Hard Mode, symbolized by an eye icon that transitions the mode automatically.

Dive into Story Mode’s Bob Takeover or explore Freeplay Modes like Oblique Fracture and Ronald McDonald for a thrilling gameplay experience. With no Easy or Normal modes, prepare for an intense rhythm challenge right from the start.

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