Big Birds Racing

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Welcome to the Big Bird Racing Club! Get ready for the funniest competition ever! You control a bird, and your goal is to make it reach the finish line first. How fast you can click determines your bird’s speed. Have a blast with this amazing runner game!

To win, tap your screen as quickly as possible to make your bird race to the finish line. After just one race, you’ll see that ostriches are the funniest birds on Earth!

You’ll race through the Jungle, find your way through the Desert, and experience the chill of the Arctic tracks. Can you win every race with all the different characters in the game? Run ahead and leap over obstacles like pits, bushes, water, and more. Dive into the thrilling racing world and savor every moment of the game. Are you up for the challenge?

Remember, not every bird needs wings; some are the fastest runners in the world.

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