2nd Version of FNF Physics vs Trollge/Trollface V2

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Important: New players start with a 2-minute song. Press Enter for Bot mode. Main menu access after the song.

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Discover Hidden Tracks in FNF vs Trollface/Trollge V2:

  • After playing the first song, go to ‘Extra’ in the menu.
  • Choose ‘Story’, then go to ‘Foretoken’ and use the Right Arrow to find ‘Mistaken’.
  • Type ‘Skibidi’ for the Skibidi song, ‘Baldi’ for Baldstruck. Your typing won’t show up, but the song starts once you finish typing.
  • To play ‘Spooky Scary’, click the spooky icon in the Extra menu’s bottom right corner. This game’s big update, “THE RAGE,” has you facing 29 different characters across many songs. It starts with ‘Introllduction’, introducing the fun and chaos. Songs like ‘Trolling’ capture the game’s trickster spirit. ‘Foretoken’ hints at tough challenges ahead, while ‘Tomfollery’ lightens the mood before the big battles.”
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