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“Zoom-Be 3” is the latest game in the “Zoom-Be” series from 7Spot Games. It’s a fun adventure game where Zoom and Be, two zombie friends, continue their journey. This time, they’re in the bad guys’ main building, trying to find out more about why they were turned into zombies.

Like the earlier games, “Zoom-Be 3” is all about teamwork. You can control one or both zombies, who each have special skills. The big zombie is strong and can break through barriers, while the small one is quick and can jump high and fit in small spaces. There are 20 levels with puzzles and tasks that need smart teamwork to solve. If you get all the stars in these levels, you unlock a bonus level.

“Zoom-Be 3” also brings new things to the game. Players have to find colored keycards to open electronic doors. Plus, there’s a fun part where you can collect different hats and masks, like animal masks or cowboy hats, to make the game more enjoyable.

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