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“Zoom-Be” is a fun game where two zombie friends work together to escape from a bad place. Players have to think and use smart strategies to get through levels full of challenges. They need to avoid getting caught and must help each other. The game is all about strong friendship and teamwork.

In the game, you control two zombies who each have special skills. The big zombie can break doors and beat guards with a strong kick, and the small one can jump high and move quickly. There are 20 different levels to play, each with its own puzzles and obstacles like doors, platforms, guards, scientists, and scary monsters. Players try to get three stars in each level and can unlock an extra level if they do really well.

“Zoom-Be” is special because players must play together. They often need one zombie to help the other reach high places or work together to open doors. It’s played on a computer, using different keys to control each zombie.

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