Wheely Game Series

The Wheely game series is a captivating collection of puzzle and adventure games that have charmed players of all ages around the globe. Developed by Pegas Games, the series is renowned for its engaging puzzles, vibrant graphics, and the adventures of its eponymous character, Wheely, a small red car with a big personality. Each installment in the series presents players with a variety of challenges that require logic, problem-solving skills, and a keen eye for detail. The series has evolved over time, introducing new mechanics and storylines with each version. Here’s a closer look at each installment within the Wheely game series.

Wheely 1

The inaugural game in the series lays the groundwork for the adventures to come. Players are introduced to Wheely, who must navigate through various levels to reach his destination. The game focuses on solving puzzles to move obstacles out of Wheely’s path and using interactive elements within the environment to progress.

Wheely 2

Building on the success of the first game, Wheely 2 adds more depth to the storyline, involving Wheely falling in love and embarking on a quest to find his partner. The puzzles become more intricate, requiring players to think creatively to solve the challenges that lie ahead.

Wheely 3

Wheely 3 introduces a new plot twist, with Wheely seeking to repair his relationship with his girlfriend, Jolie. This installment enhances the gameplay with even more complex puzzles and introduces new characters that add to the depth of the story.

Wheely 4: Time Travel

This version takes Wheely on an unexpected journey through time after a garage accident. Players will navigate through various historical periods, from prehistoric times to the future, solving puzzles that are intricately linked to the time period they are set in.

Wheely 5: Armageddon

In Wheely 5, the stakes are higher as Wheely faces a natural disaster threatening his city. This game challenges players to use their puzzle-solving skills to help Wheely survive and save his town from destruction.

Wheely 6: Fairytale

Wheely 6 transports players into a fairytale world, where Wheely becomes a knight in shining armor. The game combines classic fairytale elements with the series’ trademark puzzles, offering a unique twist on both genres.

Wheely 7: Detective

Taking on a new role, Wheely becomes a detective in the seventh installment. Players will solve a series of puzzles that function as clues to unravel a mystery, showcasing a blend of adventure and problem-solving elements.

Wheely 8: Aliens

The most recent installment, Wheely 8, introduces an extraterrestrial theme, where Wheely encounters and befriends aliens. This version expands the gameplay with new mechanics and puzzles that incorporate alien technology, adding a fresh layer of challenge and intrigue.

The Wheely game series represents a remarkable journey in the realm of puzzle-adventure gaming, captivating players with its simple yet engaging mechanics, heartwarming narratives, and the endearing character of Wheely, the little red car with a big heart. Over the course of eight installments, the series has evolved significantly, introducing new themes, complex puzzles, and diverse storylines that appeal to both young and adult audiences alike. Each game in the series builds upon the success of its predecessors, offering fresh challenges and deeper storylines while maintaining the charm and accessibility that have made Wheely a beloved character among fans.

The series’ ability to blend problem-solving with storytelling provides a unique gaming experience that is both intellectually stimulating and emotionally rewarding. Players are not only tasked with navigating through physical puzzles but are also taken on a narrative journey that spans time travel, fairytales, detective mysteries, and even interstellar adventures. This versatility in theme and design ensures that each installment offers a new and exciting experience, keeping the series fresh and engaging.

Moreover, the Wheely game series stands as a testament to the power of creativity and innovation in the world of online gaming. By focusing on the core elements of puzzle-solving, coupled with a strong narrative and a visually appealing design, the series has carved out a niche for itself, appealing to a wide audience and securing its place as a classic in the genre.


In conclusion, the Wheely game series is more than just a collection of puzzle games; it is a journey of discovery, challenge, and adventure that continues to enchant and entertain players around the world. With its endearing protagonist, imaginative worlds, and cleverly designed puzzles, Wheely has become a symbol of the joy and wonder that video games can bring into our lives.