Subway Surfers: San Francisco

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“Subway Surfers: San Francisco” is a vibrant addition to the “Subway Surfers” series, taking players on a thrilling ride through the iconic city of San Francisco, California. This edition is part of the World Tour series, where the game’s characters visit different cities around the world, showcasing unique themes and cultural elements from each location.

In this San Francisco edition, players can expect to dash through the city’s famous hilly streets, dodge trams and trains, and explore the scenic landscapes that San Francisco is known for. The game introduces new characters, including Jenny, who can be unlocked with coins collected during the run. A new hoverboard, Groovy, is also featured, along with a special award for players to achieve.

The gameplay remains true to the Subway Surfers formula, focusing on endless running, dodging obstacles, and collecting coins and power-ups. The San Francisco edition adds a fresh backdrop and new elements to the game, making it an exciting challenge for both new and returning players.

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