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“Subway Surfers: London” is a captivating edition in the “Subway Surfers” series, where players get to dash through the charming and snow-covered streets of London, England. This version is part of the Subway Surfers World Tour, showcasing different global cities through unique game editions.

In the London edition, players experience the holiday season’s magic, with the city adorned in festive decorations and lights. It introduces new characters and hoverboards specific to the London theme. For instance, one version introduced Jamie, an English gentleman, along with special hoverboards like Snowflake and Jingles, adding to the festive spirit. The gameplay includes the series’ hallmark features: dodging trains, collecting coins, and using power-ups to enhance the player’s abilities​.

For those interested in exploring London while engaging in thrilling chases and collecting rewards, “Subway Surfers: London” offers a delightful blend of action-packed gameplay and cultural exploration.

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