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Subway Surfers: Havana Online Game

“Subway Surfers: Havana” is a colorful and rhythmic addition to the “Subway Surfers” series, set in the vibrant city of Havana, Cuba. This edition captures the spirit of Cuban culture with its rich combination of history, rhythmic music, and vibrant graphics, transporting players to Havana’s timeless appeal. The game features the iconic endless running gameplay, where players navigate around obstacles, collecting coins and power-ups while exploring the beautiful streets of Havana.

A notable character in this edition is Ramona, a Cuban beauty introduced as a new playable character, along with a new outfit, the Pina Outfit, and a brand-new board named the Chrome. The weekly Hunt tokens in this edition are Maracas, adding to the game’s local flavor and charm.

“Subway Surfers: Havana” offers players the opportunity to experience the lively streets of Havana through its engaging gameplay, making it a memorable stop on the Subway Surfers World Tour.

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