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Info About Online Game Slope

Slope Game is a thrilling 3D running game where you control a ball rolling down a vertical slope. Your objective is to avoid all the red obstacles and stay on the path as long as possible. As you progress, the speed increases, making the game more challenging and exciting. Test your reflexes and try to achieve the highest score by navigating the ball through the ever-changing, fast-paced environment.

How to Play

  1. Start the Game:
    • Begin by rolling the ball down the slope.
  2. Navigate the Path:
    • Use the arrow keys to control the ball’s movement left and right.
    • Avoid all red obstacles to prevent crashing and stay on the path.
  3. Adapt to Increasing Speed:
    • The game speeds up over time, requiring quick reflexes and precise control.


  • Left Arrow Key: Move the ball to the left.
  • Right Arrow Key: Move the ball to the right.
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