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“Rolling Fall” is a fun puzzle game where you solve problems using physics. You have to cut chains and use things like gravity and motion to solve puzzles. Usually, you cut chains to let the ball swing and knock over the zombies.

In “Rolling Fall,” you will find:

  1. Puzzles Based on Physics: The game is all about understanding how things move and using that knowledge to solve problems. You need to figure out when and where to cut the chains to make things work.
  2. Chain Cutting: Each level has chains holding objects. You must cut these chains at the right time so that the objects do what you want them to do.
  3. Zombie Theme: In many levels, you use the swinging objects to knock down or get rid of zombies, which adds a fun twist to the puzzles.
  4. Strategy and Timing: You need to plan carefully and choose the right moment to cut the chains. You have to predict how the objects will move and hit things to solve the puzzle.
  5. Progressing Through Levels: The game has many levels, and they get harder as you go on. Later levels have more complex challenges that need smarter strategies.
  6. Easy Controls: Playing “Rolling Fall” is simple. You usually just click or tap to cut the chains, so it’s easy for anyone to play.

People who like puzzle games with a twist will enjoy “Rolling Fall.” It mixes physics, chain cutting, and a zombie theme to create fun. It starts easy but gets harder as you go, so it’s great for all kinds of puzzle game fans.

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