Prizma Puzzle 3

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Prizma Puzzle 3 is the third installment in a series of challenging logic-based puzzle games. This game invites players to navigate through intricate pathways and nodes, known as ‘prizmas,’ across a series of increasingly complex levels.

In Prizma Puzzle 3, your goal is to light up every prizma by passing a laser beam over them, starting from the starting point and reaching the endpoint. Each prizma can only be traversed a limited number of times before it burns out, making your route selection crucial. You must strategically determine your path, avoid obstacles, and utilize special nodes that offer various utilities or effects. As you progress, levels introduce more complexities and hazards, challenging you to think several steps ahead.

The game requires careful planning and strategic thinking. Each level presents new obstacles and special nodes that can alter your strategy. The key is to optimize your routes, considering the limited traversals of each prizma and the increasing difficulty of the puzzles. Prizma Puzzle 3 will test your ability to plan and execute your moves with precision.

Dive into Prizma Puzzle 3 and challenge your strategic skills through a variety of intricate levels. The game offers a rewarding experience for those who enjoy brain-teasing puzzles and logical challenges. Master the art of navigating prizmas and see if you have what it takes to complete all the levels.

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