Penguin Wars 2

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About Penguin Wars 2

Once a penguin couple went on many exciting adventures. They managed to chase away polar bears from their land, and everyone was happy. But their happiness didn’t last long because the polar bears found a magical red fire flame that could turn the entire Antarctic into a forest. The penguins couldn’t live in a forest, and the polar bears took over their home.

They heard a rumor about a magic stone in a faraway forest that could change the Antarctic back to normal. So, the penguin couple decided to go on another adventure to save their family. Therefore, help penguins to find the magic stones and conquer Antarctica which is occupied by the polar bears. Avoid all the hurdles and obstacles on the way.

How To Play Penguin Wars 2?

Player 1: Use the “A” and “D” keys to move, “W” to jump, and click “S” to get props. Player 2: Use the “left” and “right” arrow keys to move, the “up” arrow key to jump, and click the “down” arrow key to get props.

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