Papa’s Scooperia

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About Papa’s Scooperia HTML5 Game

“Papa’s Scooperia is the fourteenth game in the Papa Louie game series. In this cooking game, you step into the shoes of a manager at an ice cream shop located in Onion Town. Your daily task involves crafting delicious sundaes by assembling mouthwatering cakes, topping them with scoops of ice cream, and serving them to your cherished customers. Your aim is to prepare the finest treats as quickly as possible to keep your customers happy. Think you’ve got what it takes in the kitchen? Dive into the game and demonstrate your dessert-making prowess.

How to Play Papa’s Scooperia?

You assume the role of Carlo, or Koilee, or even create your own character. There are four key stations you’ll oversee:

  1. The Order Station: This is where you take orders from customers.
  2. The Dough Station: Here, you assemble the cake.
  3. The Bake Station: This is where you bake the cake.
  4. The Build Station: Finally, you decorate the cake with various toppings and ingredients before serving it to the customers.”
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