Monster Truck Dirt Rally

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Info About Monster Truck Dirt Rally

Get ready for some off-road fun with “Monster Truck Dirty Rally”! If you love racing in rain and mud, this game is for you. Race your monster truck through different terrains, choosing from various game modes to suit your style. Whether you want to compete against others, take on challenges, or enjoy a freestyle drive, “Monster Truck Dirty Rally” has it all.

How to Play Monster Truck Dirty Rally

Choosing Game Mode

Before you start racing, pick from three exciting game modes, each with 10 unique levels:

  • Career: Race against opponents without worrying about endurance or police. Just reach the finish line first!
  • Challenge: Manage your truck’s endurance bar while avoiding police. If your bar hits zero, you’ll get caught.
  • Offroad: Enjoy freestyle driving with no opponents. Navigate ramps and obstacles, aiming to pass checkpoints and advance levels.

Truck Selection

Choose from 8 stunning monster trucks. Pick the one you like best and start your adventure.


Each game mode has checkpoints you need to pass. Make sure to hit all checkpoints to progress to the next level.


  • WASD or Arrow keys: Steer the truck
  • Space key: Handbrake
  • C key: Change camera view
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