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How To Play MoMiner?

Your goal is to dig deep into the ground until you unearth the magnificent treasure waiting to be discovered. Get ready for an exhilarating adventure!

To play the game, follow these instructions:

  1. Press the “Enter” key to launch the digger and begin your descent into the depths.
  2. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to maneuver the digger in different directions. Navigate carefully to avoid obstacles and find the most promising paths.
  3. Use the left mouse button to fire and clear rocks that obstruct your path. Clearing the way will allow you to dig deeper and progress further.
  4. As you dig, keep an eye out for valuable ores. Collecting ores will grant you the currency that you can use to purchase powerful upgrades, enhancing your digging capabilities.
  5. Be cautious of rocks along your path. Hitting them will slow down the digger’s speed, potentially hindering your progress. Avoid rocks whenever possible to maintain a steady pace.
  6. Dig deeper and deeper, exploring the underground world in search of the grand treasure that awaits.
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