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In “Matrix Rampage,” your goal is to fight against agents using weapons like guns and swords. You can smash through the building, breaking floors and walls, and even throw things like office chairs to beat as many agents as you can. The agents get tougher and smarter. They carry different weapons, including katanas, shotguns, and phasers.

Here’s some advice:

  • The more agents you beat, the more powerful their weapons get, like shotguns and phasers.
  • As you defeat agents, more of them will come at you, up to 10 at a time.
  • Look for a health kit in each new level; its location is always different.
  • You can jump on enemies from above to damage them.
  • Throwing bigger objects, like desks, causes more harm than smaller ones, like trash cans.
  • If your computer is running slowly, the game will reduce its quality, even turning off music and special effects to help.
  • You’ll be battling clones and using your surroundings to survive. Each level is harder than the last. See how many levels you can get through!
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