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Dive into a whimsical universe with “Ka Bloom,” a delightful puzzle game that blends elements of Bejeweled, Pac-Man, and a Tamagotchi into a unique gameplay experience. At the heart of this vibrant game is Floret, a cosmic creature waiting to be fed so it can blossom into its full glory. “Ka Bloom” offers a dazzling world filled with thread-puzzling action, lively colors, and distinctive gameplay elements that will keep you enchanted.


The objective of “Ka Bloom” is simple yet captivating: feed Floret by navigating through a maze of jewels. As you journey through the game, you’ll encounter enchanting puzzles and challenges that keep you engrossed. When Floret consumes the jewels, it begins to bloom, unlocking new levels of enjoyment and challenge. Using your mouse cursor, click on the jewels you want to consume, ensuring they are within range. A double-click will wake Floret from its slumber, ready to gobble up the jewels. Create pathways by dragging lines between jewels, or sever connections by dragging over an existing line, strategizing to feed Floret efficiently.

Challenges and Strategy

As you delve deeper into the game, each level presents new challenges and excitement. “Ka Bloom” continuously entices players to solve the next puzzle and witness Floret’s growth. The game encapsulates a charming mix of strategy and puzzle-solving, set against a backdrop of colorful aesthetics and playful soundscapes. It’s easy to play but mastering it is a rewarding feat.

“Ka Bloom” is not just a game; it’s an invitation to a fun-filled escapade. The game encourages you to “Just Have Fun!” as you navigate through an enchanting world, orchestrating a ballet of moves to feed and nurture Floret to its blooming fruition. Get ready to be charmed by the quirky and endearing world of “Ka Bloom,” as you strategize, solve, and celebrate each blooming achievement of Floret.

How to Play

Use the mouse cursor to select the jewels you want to consume (make sure they are within range). Double-click on Floret to wake it up. Drag the lines between jewels to create pathways or drag over an existing line to disconnect it.

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