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In the game “Just One,” your goal is to shoot a ball so it touches a ring and grabs a star. To finish a level, you need to make the ball fall into a basket.

“Just One” is a fun game where you need to be accurate and think carefully, kind of like playing volleyball. You try to throw a ball into a cup and go through exciting levels. There’s a special part: the more you bounce the ball off walls, the more points you get. This makes the game more challenging and fun.

As you get farther in the game, it gets harder. There are more things in your way, and you need to be good at moving around them. Be careful – you only get one chance to complete each level.

“Just One” is made with the latest HTML5 technology, so it works really well on different devices like computers and phones. You use your mouse to drag and shoot the ball. Learning how to control the game is important to beat the tough challenges and try to win.

All in all, “Just One” is a really engaging game that tests how precise and strategic you are. It’s great for both quick plays and longer challenges, where you can improve your skills and aim to be the best at making tricky shots.

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