IndestructoTank AE (Anniversary Edition)

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IndestructoTank A.E. is the fourth game in the Indestructo series. The unique part of this game is that you need to get hit as much as possible by enemies’ vehicles and aircraft. You try to hit their missiles and keep bouncing in the air to earn points.

You control a tank-like car at the bottom of the screen, which can only move left or right. When an enemy rocket hits your vehicle, you’re thrown into the air. You bounce around, attack planes, and then land back on the ground, where your points are added up. You use these points to bring more enemies on the screen, like Bombers and Gunners, which helps you create bigger combos.

Every time you bounce, you fill up a ‘boom bar.’ When it’s full, you can press the Up Arrow key for an extra bounce, especially when there are no enemy crafts close by. The goal is to upgrade all types of enemy ships. You have limited fuel, and if you run out before filling your experience bar, the game ends.

The game offers a regular mode and a quick play option, as well as a two-player co-op mode. In co-op, there’s an added challenge with blue-tipped missiles that can destroy your vehicle instantly. One player drives the car using the keyboard, while the other player tries to destroy these missiles with the mouse.

The game features eight achievements to earn, like medals, and you can adjust the video quality settings.”

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