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“Ghostscape” is a spooky, point-and-click game that takes you on a creepy adventure filled with puzzles. Right from the start, its ghostly visuals and eerie sounds pull you into a world that feels haunted.

In the game, you explore an old house that seems empty but is actually full of ghosts and secrets. As you click around, you find clues and solve puzzles to uncover the house’s sad history. You’re not just there to solve the mystery, though. You also need to prove there are ghosts by taking photos and collecting ghostly evidence.

The game is really good at being scary. The detailed rooms, sudden ghosts, and creepy sounds make you feel tense, wondering what’s waiting in the next room.

But “Ghostscape” isn’t all about the scares. The puzzles are a big part of the fun. They fit perfectly with the story, and you need to think logically and pay attention to small details to solve them. Every little thing in the house could be a clue to the bigger mystery.

For fans of ghost stories, mysteries, and horror, “Ghostscape” is a great choice. It mixes ghost hunting with puzzle-solving in a way that’s sure to give you chills. The game keeps you excited and curious, wanting to find out all the secrets hidden in the haunted house.

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