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How To Play Free Rider?

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“Free Rider” is a fun game where you can draw your own tracks and ride a bike on them. Kano made it and works on computers, phones, and tablets. You can make your own tracks share them with others and compete with other players online. What’s cool is that you can use different tools to make unique tracks so that you can be creative.

In the game, you can do different things like look at tracks that other people made, and you can filter them by what’s popular or new. When you make your own track, you can show it to the “Free Rider HD” community, so more people can play on it. You can also join competitions, complete challenges, and follow people who make great tracks.

Playing “Free Rider” is easy – you use keyboard keys like WASD or arrows to ride the bike, Z to change direction, and V to change vehicles. This makes it simple for everyone to have fun making and playing on tracks.

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