Dice It Up

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How To Play Dice It Up?

“Dice It Up” is a Culinary Puzzle Quest. It’s an innovative cooking puzzle game that challenges players to craft delectable dishes by strategically combining dice on a limited number of turns. As aspiring chefs, players embark on a culinary journey where they slice, dice, and roast ingredients to perfection while aiming to complete orders in a single turn.


  1. Click on the knife to initiate a turn and enter the preparation phase.
  2. Drag and match dice that represent ingredients needed for specific recipes.
  3. Each dish must be fully prepared within the turn’s limit, ensuring all dice are combined to form a complete dish.
  4. Some ingredients can be roasted by a strategic drag-and-drop action, resulting in bonus tips.
  5. Golden keys earned by completing orders can be used to unlock magical spices and cutting equipment, enhancing gameplay.
  6. Players must strategize their dice combinations and ingredient usage wisely to maximize their score and complete as many orders as possible.
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