Cut The Rope 2 – Bad Pig

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“Cut The Rope 2 – Bad Pig” is a special version of the popular Cut The Rope games. Instead of the usual character, Om Nom, you get to meet a new character called the ‘Bad Pig.’ But the main idea of the game is still the same: you have to solve puzzles based on how things move and feed candy to the Bad Pig.

The game keeps the familiar things like cutting ropes and moving stuff around to make the candy go to the Bad Pig. Each level has a different puzzle, and you have to think about when and how to cut the ropes to get the candy to the Bad Pig.

This version also has new things to make it interesting. You might find new obstacles and things you can interact with that fit the playful and a little bit naughty personality of the Bad Pig character.

You still need to collect stars or other special things in the game, which makes it more fun and challenging. The Bad Pig character adds something new and fun to the game, so people who liked the other Cut The Rope games will enjoy this one too. It’s a game that makes you think and have fun at the same time, and it’s good for people of all ages.

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