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Coma is an adventure game where you step into the shoes of Pete, who wakes up from a coma to find his sister missing in the eerie town of Shill Bend. The world Pete once knew has vanished, replaced by a dark and mysterious landscape. As Pete, you must explore this strange new environment, searching for clues and navigating the transformed city to find your sister.

Waking up disoriented and alone, Pete soon realizes his beloved sister is nowhere to be found. Determined to ensure her safety, he embarks on a quest through the unsettling and unfamiliar streets of Shill Bend. The game immerses you in a haunting atmosphere, where every corner could reveal a new piece of the puzzle or a hidden danger.

As you journey through this enigmatic world, you’ll encounter various challenges and uncover the dark secrets that have reshaped Pete’s reality. Your wits and determination will be your greatest assets as you navigate the twists and turns of the adventure. Can you uncover the truth and reunite with your sister? The fate of Pete and the resolution of this mystery lie in your hands.

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