Colors In The Sky

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“Colors in the Sky” is a fun puzzle game perfect for those who like matching games and thinking ahead. The main idea is to remove stones of the same color, but there’s a catch: you have to keep an eye on the combo meter. This means you need to plan your moves to get high scores and move up levels.

“Colors in the Sky Infinity” takes this further with non-stop chain reactions and tools like bombs, lasers, crystals, and nukes. In this game, you use magic to shake up the board, like changing colors or healing. You aim to make big combos to keep your health up because if it hits zero, the game’s over. This version is more intense and varied.

Both games start easy but get tougher, making them great for both new and seasoned puzzle fans. They test your strategy skills and quick thinking, giving a fun, brain-boosting experience.

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