Canyon Defense

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“Canyon Defense is a war game where you have to protect a place from enemy attacks. Your job is to build a defense system using different towers to stop the enemies. There are three maps you can play on, each with different levels of difficulty. You have to survive all the enemy waves and keep them away from your base.

To win, you need to be smart about where you put your cannons. Try to place them in spots where they can hit lots of enemies. This will help you make it through the game without losing your canyon.

Here’s How To Play Canyon Defense Game.

  • Enemies like tanks and aircraft will attack you.
  • Your towers will automatically shoot at enemies in their range.
  • Different towers target different types of enemies (some attack those on the ground, while others attack those in the air). So, be wise when placing your towers.
  • To build a tower, select one from the control panel, move your cursor to an empty spot on the map (preferably on the rocks, not the road), and click to place it.
  • Click ‘play’ or hit the space bar to start the next attack wave.
  • You earn money for killing enemies, and you use this money to build more towers or upgrade existing ones.
  • You can create buildings with machine gun towers, lasers, and cannons for extra bonuses.

You control the game using your mouse. Have fun defending your canyon!”

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