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How To Play Bloons Tower Defense 6 (BTD 6)?

BTD6 is a fun strategy game made by Ninja Kiwi. It’s the sixth part of the Bloons Tower Defense series. In the game, players have to stop balloon-like creatures, called “bloons,” by setting up towers along their path.

The game is exciting because it has 22 different types of towers, each with special abilities and ways to upgrade. Also, there’s something new in BTD6: heroes. These powerful characters have unique skills and get stronger as you play. Choosing the right hero can really help you win.

There are several ways to play BTD6, each suited to different levels of players:

  • Standard: Beat a certain number of rounds to win.
  • Deflation: Try to last with a small budget and no extra money.
  • Apopalypse: A non-stop mode where bloons get harder and harder.
  • Sandbox: Experiment with different tactics without any bloons and with endless resources.
  • Impoppable: A tough challenge with stronger bloons and fewer lives.

As you play BTD6, you earn points and in-game money. You can use these to get new towers, make your towers better, and unlock other cool features in the game

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