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In the “Braveheart” game, use the arrow keys to move around and the Spacebar to fight. Your goal is to beat as many bad guys as you can without getting hurt.

This game lets you be a hero on a big adventure. You need to use simple controls to move and fight:

  • Arrow Keys: Move your character around with these. You can avoid danger and find good spots to be in.
  • Spacebar: This is your main way to attack. Hit it to fight the bad guys, and try to beat as many as you can while keeping yourself safe.

Your job in “Braveheart” is to show how brave you are by winning against the bad guys and staying alive. The game gets harder as you go, with tougher enemies and situations. Get good at using the controls and fighting to score high and be the top hero. Get ready for an exciting challenge in “Braveheart”!

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