Basket Champs

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Info About Online Game Basket Champs

Ready for a fun and challenging basketball tournament? Basket Champs is an unblocked basketball game where you play for your favorite national team. Pick your team, hit the court, and aim to score five consecutive shots to win the match. Bring victory to your country in this exciting sports game!

How to Play

  1. Select Your Team:
    • Choose your favorite national team to represent.
  2. Enter the Court:
    • Step onto the basketball court and get ready for action.
  3. Make Your Shots:
    • Aim carefully and score five consecutive shots to win the match.
  4. Achieve Glory:
    • Lead your country to victory in this thrilling basketball tournament.


On Desktops and Laptops

  • Mouse Cursor: Move to aim
  • Left-Click: Click to shoot

On Mobile Devices

  • Touchscreen: Tap and drag to aim and shoot
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