3D Logic

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“3D Logic” is an engaging online puzzle game that tasks players with solving a complex three-dimensional cube puzzle. The objective is to connect pairs of similarly colored markers on a cube’s surface. However, players cannot connect these markers diagonally, and their paths cannot traverse any black cells, which serve as obstacles on the cube.

The game is designed to test players’ visual-spatial abilities and logical thinking. It involves rotating the cube to explore and determine the most viable pathways to connect all colored markers without isolating any. If a player makes a mistake or wants to revise a pathway, they can reset a link by clicking on one of the involved colored markers and then reroute the connection to ensure all markers are properly linked.

“3D Logic” offers a unique challenge by incorporating geometric patterns and spatial reasoning in a 3D format, making it more complex and engaging than standard 2D puzzles. This game is ideal for those who relish mental challenges and enjoy puzzles that require keen observation and strategic planning, providing a satisfying and intellectually stimulating experience.

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